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EarlyYears Outdoor

Classroom labels

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Designed on a brown paper background with a black border. A downloadable pdf document with 14 pages of labels (6 per page). Labels include: 

pipe cleaners, glue sticks, coloured pencils, google eyes, coloured matchsticks, scissors, pencils, sellotape, watercolour paints, wool, tissue paper, feathers, art straws, boxes, egg boxes, cardboard tubes, wax crayons, coloured card, felt tip pens, paper, pencil sharpeners, chalk, paper clips, hole punch, stapler, envelopes, rulers, elastic bands, paint brushes, pom poms, glue spreaders, ribbon, buttons, lollipop sticks, masking tape, corks, string, sequins, paint pots, highlighters, paint pallets, whiteboard pens, pine cones, log slices, pebbles, shells, sticks, conkers, acorns, cinnamon sticks, peg dolls, small bricks, bricks, chalk houses, dinosaurs, jungle animals, farm animals, train tracks, numicon, play dough, rolling pins, weighing scales, chopping boards, baking tins, cupcake cases, pestle and mortar, tools, woodland animals, teapot, metal bowls, spoons, wooden spoons, vehicles, road track, road signs, rollers, paper punches, unifix cubes, Pva glue, yoghurt pots, dominoes, dice, pegs, glass pebbles. 

The document also features one blank page of labels and a powerpoint with a blank template for you to add a text box and your own images to.