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Nature phonics pack, letters and sounds. Downloadable pdf.

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This is a downloadable document of all sounds featured in letters and sounds. Featuring phases 1, 2, 3 and 5 (as phase 4 is a recap/cvcc words and does not need new sounds teaching). All of the sounds taught in the phases are included (such as s a t p I n m d ch sh igh) and are in the correct order taught from letters and sounds. 

You do not need to purchase the nature alphabet alongside this. The single letter sounds are included in the document. If you already have the nature alphabet, please see the phonics set listing that just has digraphs and trigraphs included (without the alphabet). 

Please appreciate the time and effort it has taken to create this document. I would love to see images of it in use, but please do not share the document with others, it is for your sole use only.

Any questions, please ask.